About Us

Raincoat by ezirarane
Raincoat by ezirarane

Originating from London, EZiRA RANE is a British rainwear company committed to inspiring, challenging and redefining rainwear. We want to embrace feeling fantastic in the rain across all seasons. Our rainwear collections represent contemporary designs that combine fashion, style and functionality.

We want to bring fun back into rainwear!

Using our passion and love for all the seasons, our joy for designing creative, functional, fresh and dramatic looks is expressed through our large bell shaped hoods, beautiful detailing and colourful jackets and linings.

Regardless of the weather or circumstances

EZiRA RANE Rane:Wear holds a truly distinctive feel and stands out high above the crowd.


And embrace the RAiN with EZiRA RANE.

Love from 

Ndidi and Adanna